20 days after Brexit, If you are in the European transport industry I bet it has been the longest 20 days of your life!! It may sound a little bit over the top to anybody else who doesn’t deal with Europe in their profession, it really has.

This has been years in the making, no matter how many courses we have completed or how much training we have had its still a challenge, we are finding out that there are companies out there who were not prepared for this at all and we are assisting them through all the customs processes.

As the days go on we are getting more knowledgeable, that’s very much down to the team we have here and the method of approach that every single job we take on we do it together as a team with our combined knowledge.

I’m sure these tough times will filter out the companies that you can rely on even with a pandemic going will continue to rise to the top and the task in hand.

Thank you to everybody who has entrusted in us so far and we look forward to the future opportunities that will come our way.

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