EU mobility package 2022

The mobility package was adopted by the EU in July 2020, the package has been implemented to secure a mutual set of rules in the transport industry across Europe which will have a big impact on the sector when the full regulations are in force.

The EU mobility package intends to secure better terms for truck drivers with clear rules for truck drivers abroad.

The headlines for the EU mobility package as of August 2020 and February 2022:


August 2020 – Driving time and rest period

  • Drivers are not allowed to spend their weekly rest in their cabs, a weekly rest of 45 hours must take place in a suitable accommodation including sleeping- and sanitary facilities , this accommodation must be paid by the employer.
  • Drivers must return to their home every 4 weeks


February 2022 – Working hours – Posting- Cabotage

  • Weekly working hours of max 48 hours over a 4-month period
  • Maximum daily working of 10 hours within a period of 24 hours where night work is performed
  • A driver ‘Post’ (meaning a driver sent to work in another country) must have the conditions of employment which comply with the host country.
  • The journey must be notified prior to the collection in IMI, by filing a posting declaration


  • Cabotage regulations applies to the road part of a combined transport
  • Each truck is allowed a maximum of 3 operations in 7 days
  • After these 3 trips trucks must stay outside the cabotage country for a 4 day ‘Cooling off’ before returning
  • The truck must return to home every 8 weeks – Home definition is the Member State of establishment


  • These initiatives will affect the planning of the transport and not forgetting the cost.  We have identified the following as concerns to be considered in the foreseeable:-
  • – Capacity will be under an even bigger pressure than the current situation
  • – More complicated administration and documentation
  • – Environmental impact (additional mileage)
  • – Cost increase will be expected
  • – Lower productivity