Whether it be your looking for a quick price so you can work around an upcoming project or if its something live and ready to go now.


We have listed below the process here at RTS to ensure smooth movement and understanding of your shipment right from the very start.


1. Send an email to robert@retailtransport.com – Rob will reply to your email straight away acknowledging the enquiry, it may contain questions as to what else is needed if not all information is there. Please ensure your email includes Loading and delivery Postcodes with countries from and to / number of pallets / Sizes of pallets / Total weight / ready date if you know / service required (groupage/part load/full load etc..)


2. We pride ourselves on returning a quote to you within 30 minutes maximum (unless it’s a little bit more complex or during European lunchtimes)

The quote will include service the load is based on / transit time from loading through to delivery / Freight costing alongside customs costs with instructions of any paperwork that may be needed.


3. If you need to negotiate on the costing to secure the work – please give the feedback and we will always look to be flexible where possible, our prices are never set in stone.


4. Once you are happy with the costing and ready to book – You will be provided with your very own account manager – Please send over a booking confirmation to them directly and will get looking to move your load at the earliest convenience.


5. Updates throughout the journey will be provided by your account manager without you having to ask.


6. Once delivered – A Proof of delivery can be sent to you for your records


7. The account manager that looked after you will be your permanent contact for all future enquiries and bookings