It’s no shock that UK Exporters are frustrated that they’re being plagued by customs ‘formalities’, while imports from the EU are easily through any import checks into Britain. UK exports to the EU are down 40%!! even more shocking is that food and drink exports collapsed in January, they plunged by 75.5%.

It still amazes me that in 2021 a driver still has to have SOME physical customs paperwork, why can’t a TAD be paperless like a customs declaration? Answers on a postcard please.
It would save the UK exporters so much time and money, not forgetting the poor drivers who have to wait for hours at Inland border Facilities for their paper documents.

Whilst we welcome the postponement of import checks on EU goods until 2022 as it is good news for UK importers, we also feel our Exporters irritation they have seen the biggest challenges in getting their products out into Europe.

Keep it going UK exporters!!! We are here to help and support you along the way!!