Declan Joined Retail Transport Services Ltd back in February of this year and has now successfully passed his probation period.

We sat him down to find out about his thoughts so far within the industry and working for a company he now calls “his second home”

Q1. What made you want to get a job in this Industry?

  1. I had dropped out of university and was looking for a job which provides ongoing training and routes of progression. I came across my current employer providing a trainee freight forwarder role, and to be honest I had no clue what it meant; however, I did some research before submitting my application and found out that I would love to be a part of it and haven’t looked back since.

Q2. How have you settled into the office?

  1. The team has been forever welcoming and have all provided me with heaps of information and have methodically tutored me ever since. If I ever have a question to anything in the industry there is always someone in the office to answer it.

Q3. Do you feel the experience you are gaining each day is also changing you outside of work also?

  1. The ability to take on more challenges simultaneously has been a skill I have learned and utilized since joining RTS. With my time outside of work I have been developing myself and becoming much healthier.  I have started playing football and do a boxing 1-1 each week. This last weekend I completed the summer wolf run which took many running sessions leading up to it.

Q4. How does Retail Transport compare to other places that you have been working?

  1. Previously I had only worked at two other companies, my first job was at a local blind shop as blind manufacture whilst I was at college and then I was working at Tesco as a store colleague. However, I can confidently say RTS is head and shoulders above them. I much prefer working for a smaller privately owned company as you get to know everyone on a personal level and your hard work is noticed. This enables me to treat our customers with the same respect I am shown and offer a very personal and dedicated service back.

Q5. What would you like to be doing in the next 5 years?

  1. In the next 5 years I confidently envision I will be further in my learning and progression and will have grown with the company. I would like to be teaching new members of staff that join RTS so I can give back what I have learned. As for goals, buying my own home has been a massive aim for me since receiving my first ever paycheck, and I am forever lucky to have the most amazing lady by my side who shares the same goal. I hope to also be engaged (if she says yes) I mean why wouldn’t she?!

Sports will stay a massive part of my life, I am aiming to have my first white collar competition in the next 12-18 months as well as a throwing a half marathon in there for good measures.

Im looking to challenge myself inside and outside of work as I am a very driven and focused individual and im happy to say ive finally met a company that matches my ambition.