We are proud to say that one of our staff members Rob Harrison will be taking part in his 20 year challenge this year, this is what he has had to say….

After all I achieved with my partner last year being a homeowner to our first house, a dad for the first time and a husband for the first (and last) time.

Something that my company missed out on was our 20 years of being in the business last year due to the worldwide pandemic, something that I believe should not get unnoticed!
We have all agreed to take part in an activity to raise money and I have chosen mine.

Ive finally been accepted onto a Boxing show on Friday 19th November at the sports connexion in Coventry. (unless lockdown gets worse this is the plan)
Ill be fighting for the very first time which is something ive always wanted to do, amongst all the madness of my new life, I will find some time when I can to start training and be as ready as I can come fight night.

Im told I need to sell a minimum of 10 tickets, now you can also donate money if you wish to give to a good cause and not come if its not really your thing, but if you would love to see me get punched, especially if I have annoyed you in the past it would be great to see you there! You can also choose to support me too! ; )

At the end of the day the main aim is to raise a good amount of money for the Children’s Air Ambulance.
Ill be creating a page in the coming months where you can put your donations on there if you wish. I assume that with your donation you will be granted a ticket to see the fight if you want to come along but more info to follow…. Its all very at the early stages still now that lockdown has eased.