Are you ready for Brexit?

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At the moment it is still unclear what arrangements will need to be in place after 29th March 2018 (the official current departure date of the UK from the EU), but to assist our customers we have set out what is known so far Option 1 NO DEAL BREXIT In the unlikely event of this scenario, HMRC are currently talking about the possibility of allowing EU goods to be ‘waved through’ British Ports, without any border checks. Under government back […]

National strike on February, 13, expected to impact operations in Zeebrugge (BE)

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Dear business partner Unfortunately we have been notified of a national strike in Belgium on February, 13, 2019. The whole country will be impacted by a nationwide shutdown of public services including schools, public transportation and ports. It has been confirmed to us that the dock labourers will participate. We expect the roads leading up to our offices and terminals as well as the actual terminals will be completely blocked. The strike will continue for 24 hours, starting at 6.00 […]

Truck driver shortage crisis now spreading across the whole of Europe

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European road transport firms are racing towards a driver shortage crisis of 150,000 unfilled jobs, according to new research from Transport Intelligence. In a report released this week, European Road Freight Transport 2018, the supply chain analyst shows that in just six countries – the UK, Germany, France, Denmark Sweden and Norway – the shortage of drivers adds up to 127,500. The UK leads the way with a shortage of 52,000 drivers, but is closely followed by Germany at 45,000 […]

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