Retail Transport Services Ltd is the definition of exactly what a “Freight Forwarder” is, we are an office in Coventry city center who do not own any vehicles or warehouse facilities.

We have been going 25 years strong under this sector and still thriving in the transport industry, adapting to the forever changing scenarios that customs procedures can bring.

A Freight forwarder wont be doing the physical movement of the goods themselves, we would use our endless supply of vetted hauliers who need to be approved by us in order to carry out work as we are “ISO approved

We work with many different types of clients which include Manufacturers and other transport companies, who can’t quite cope with the demand on their own fleet or it is something a bit different to what they would normally carry so look to outsource to us.

Its about using our expertise and 150 years combined worth of knowledge to coordinate a consignment, getting it where it needs to be In the most efficient manner.

So if you are looking for a company that can offer to transport your goods anywhere in the world with customs included and flexible pricing, then please consider us for quotation of your movement.


Phone: 02476 234 566